SBA Services: Industry Specialties

Increase your competitive edge in today’s market by investing in best practices, operational excellence, and increased customer satisfaction from Steven Baldwin Associations, airport management consulting. 

As you know, Steven Baldwin Associates specializes in providing airports with unique management expertise, including organizational and governance advice, strategic planning, performance benchmarking, owner’s representative services, and other services necessary for managing and developing airports in an efficient, safe, and effective manner. Some of our most recent experience has been in the following areas, which may be relevant to your airport’s needs as well:

  • Revenue Optimization Studies. Expand and increase your non-aeronautical revenue sources with our expertise in analyzing current revenue streams, including tenant lease contracts, concessions, advertising, and parking. We have exceptional experience in this area, with an impressive track record of achievements for clients, and would love to discuss how your airport could benefit from a similar study.
    • Revenue Optimization can result in increases in top-line, gross concessions revenues of between 3% – 20% of existing programs. Read our White Paper about it here.
  • Developing “Requests for Proposals.” The development of better, more compelling RFPs means a larger candidate pool of better qualified applicants. We have several associates with unparalleled experience in this area, and we’d like to help you define your needs and craft an RFP to bring in the best candidates for your particular environment. Recently, we’ve developed RFPs for the following services: FBOs, Advertising, Parking, and IT Management—and we can help you no matter what area you’re looking to enhance.
  • Targeted Research and Analysis. In competitive economic times, you need the best, most thorough, up-to-date information about your business practices and operational options, so that you can determine how to best reduce costs and expand income, while maintaining safe and effective operations. SBA has expertise in a broad array of industry issues—and decades of collective experience in research, analysis, and comparative studies—to help you increase your competitive edge. From the regulatory requirements of establishing an economic development zone, to the legal and economic impact of the rise of ridesharing transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft, to the complexities of transferring FAA certifications, to the revenue enhancements of innovative parking technologies, Steven Baldwin Associates can help you to better understanding and evaluate the diverse options for improving all aspects of your airport.

We look forward to discussing how we can help you develop and evaluate powerful strategies and tactics to achieve your management goals. To start the conversation, view our online brochure, call us at (518) 478-6321 or email us at

Today’s airports must operate at peak performance in order to be competitive within the constraints of a highly regulated industry. SBA brings an airport operator’s perspective to each assignment including the perspectives of seasoned airport professionals. Steven Baldwin has an unparalleled background in hands-on airport management with more than 14 years of day-to-day operational responsibility for two state-owned and -operated airports, in addition to 15 years of experience consulting to more than 50 airports throughout the United States.

Not all airports are the same when it comes to optimizing their governance model in a manner that achieves the most desirable results. Issues of cost control, capital financing, reporting, and accountability must be in balance with the investment of resources necessary to address the region’s air transportation and economic development needs.

Steve Baldwin has helped many airports in the U.S. address governance issues, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively, as they strive to achieve and balance their strategic goals and objectives.

SBA prepares both Strategic Management Plans as well as Strategic Business Plans for airports. Principals at SBA have served as Project Director or Principal-in-Charge in the development of many strategic business plans nationally. The scope of each plan is developed in consultation with the client and is developed to include the maximum participation of key policy-makers and stakeholders. Plans are then prepared in concert with the airport’s unique strengths and attributes while setting challenging, achievable, measurable goals in several key areas of management, operations, and airport development.

Performance Benchmarking is a management tool that helps assess organizational performance as well competitiveness in the marketplace. It is important, however, that when a benchmarking process is undertaken, proper consideration be given to the selection of “comparable” airports as well as the industry metrics used for comparison purposes.

Benchmarking, Organizational Analysis, Governance Advising, and Strategic Planning are all services that complement each other and are provided by SBA. The fundamental objective is for the airport to be “Best in Class” in all areas of management and operations.

An airport’s potential to bolster regional economic development is vitally important to the community it serves. Developing new business and creating jobs brings demand for the movement of people and goods by air, further complementing airport activity and accompanying economic benefit.

The principals at Steven Baldwin Associates have a proven track record for developing economic development plans for airports. SBA specializes in engaging the full-suite of regional economic development expertise during plan development, identifying and prioritizing program initiatives in the regional context, and identifying the level and source of resources necessary for plan success.

Airport administrators need to make significant decisions from time-to-time affecting the public at-large. Given often limited time in formulating policies and addressing public problems, airport administrators must also enjoy a certain degree of discretion in planning, revising, and implementing public policy as decision-making occurs.

The principals at Steven Baldwin Associates are seasoned professionals in policy and public administration. Over the course of their careers in aviation, they have helped developed and implement policies both affecting the public as well as day-to-day management and operation of the airport.

In support of the needs of decision-makers, SBA can help examine program rational, goals, and objectives; develop salient facts; assess values; and quantify means and resources necessary for success, as well as project end results.

SBA employs the latest decision-making techniques in public administration, including benefit/cost and risk analysis, to help decision-makers understand the full magnitude of proposed policy decisions and the results they will achieve.

Most often it is beneficial for an airport to engage outside assistance when reviewing rates and charges or when there are policy issues at hand. Using an expert who has multiple airport experience helps to de-politicize the process and may assist airport management to implement the changes necessary in the best interest of the airport. SBA offers familiarity with the latest industry trends and standard rate methodologies, which is important to success, as well as expert data analysis backed by experience from developing rate and charges over a broad spectrum of airport clientele.

SBA assists airport operators with tenant lease and license negotiation support. We help ensure that our clients are well supplied with necessary airport comparable data, appraisal information, rates and charges data, activity forecast, and the pro-forma data necessary for sound decision-making.

We help develop a host of pro-forma alternatives when capital improvement or new development is involved, including the assessment of primary and secondary economic impact, which allows for a fair and reasonable business arrangement to be made between the airport and the proposed tenant, consistent with financial and economic development goals of the airport.

Managing FBOs on an airport can be a challenging task. Determining FBO field locations and the level of development necessary to foster competition and stability with first class delivery, can be difficult. These issues and others are key to assuring maximum capital investment, the highest and best use of property, and a robust business and general aviation market.

Steven Baldwin Associates can help your airport with all aspects of FBO development ranging from site to business planning; the establishment of lease terms, rates, and charges; the development of minimum standards; and the development of self-fueling policies, among other support.

SBA offers quick turnaround service on IFEs, as well as providing ancillary services including RFP development, project scope review, consultant screening and selection support, fee negotiation, and owner’s representative services as the project is underway.

We maintain a large database of comparable project and fee information that helps to develop IFEs quickly and accurately. Once the proposed consultant’s scope and associated project information is received, we can typically prepare the IFE in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14D within 48 to 72 hours, allowing you to maintain momentum towards meeting FAA requirements and securing your project grant.

SBA provides Owner’s Representative Services including:

  • the development of FAA 5-year Capital Improvement Plans,
  • large and small-scale program definition services,
  • developing Terms of Reference and RFPs,
  • procurement assistance,
  • direct or indirect contract negotiation support, as well as,
  • providing the full suite of project management services including contractor oversight and performance monitoring.

SBA professionals are also available to provide on-site staff augmentation, as necessary.